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Installing a Permeate Pump

To assist you in correctly installing your new permeate pump, we have attached installation instructions below. Permeate pumps can significantly improve RO system performance. However, if installed incorrectly the pump will not function properly or leak during operation.

Contrary to information posted on the web, a permeate pump should not be used with an ASO valve, as the ASO valve negates many of the benefits gained through installation of the pump. We have installed the pumps on hundreds of RO systems. When the RO tank pressure equals water supply pressure, the pump will stop and brine will cease to flow to drain.

While proper mounting is recommended, the pump is in fact forgiving of orientation. As long as air is not entrained in the pump, the pump will operate in virtually any orientation. For optimal performance, we recommend installing the pump vertically with outlet ports for permeate and brine positioned at the 12 o'clock position.

An absolute must when installing a permeate pump is to install the flow restrictor before the pump. The vast majority of inquiries we receive about pump issues is due to improper installation of the flow restrictor.

To minimize fitting leaks, make certain the tubing is cut square, using a tubing cutter or razor blade, and the tubing is round, not oval. Permeate pumps have John Guest dual o-ring fittings and require greater force to push the tube into the fitting than standard fittings. A light coating of silicone lubricant will make installation easier. To install a tube, push the tube into the fitting until the tubing completely bottoms in the fitting. Frequently the tube will insert into the tube and stop when the tube reaches the 1st o-ring. Place more force on the tube and the the tube will slide past the 1st o-ring through the 2nd o-ring and bottom out. The majority of fitting leaks are because the tube is not cut square, is oval shaped, or simply has not been pushed in completely.

The attached procedure provides step by step instructions for installation. Enjoy your permeate pump!

Permeate Pump Installation
Download XLSX • 2.58MB

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