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Provide Your Healthy Lifestyle Testimony

We would love to hear about life altering events that led you to living a healthier lifestyle. Any healthy recipes, supplements you have found beneficial, exercise routines.....pretty much anything of interest to you which you would like to share, feel free. My testimony is below,

Who is more invested in the success of a product, than a patient whose quality of life depends on success? I am one of those patients who has benefited from my products and I believe others will as well. I make no health claims. However, the technology I employ is backed by over 500 peer reviewed and published articles. I am a COPD and chronic Lyme’s Disease patient. I contracted Lyme’s Disease while living in New Jersey and developed COPD as a result of fungal pneumonia after inhaling black mold. For those of you who suffer from either of the diseases, life can be a living hell. A constant fight to control inflammation and oxidative stress, the primary drivers of disease progression. A lifetime of antibiotics, inhalers, and anti-inflammatory drugs is the only option offered by the medical community.

I decided to take my life back and find alternative, natural, and healthy options to fight my disease. Medications were replaced by supplements, juicing, exercise, and diet. I began drinking alkaline water, even buying an expensive electrolysis unit to make alkaline water. During my research I discovered the tremendous health benefits of molecular hydrogen water. Being a scientist and engineer I began to investigate whether I could improve hydrogen production from my water ionizer by modifying the feedwater. As a result, I began investigating different ways to remineralized RO water and discovered I could in fact improve performance by altering the water chemistry. I then began investigating whether I could produce hydrogen water using RO. After much investigation and many failures, I finally achieved success. A filter that produced exactly what I needed without the need to spend $3000-$7000 on a water ionizer! Unfortunately for me, I already own a water ionizer. However, for you there is now an option for pure healthy water at a fraction of the cost, about $300 to be exact.

I really hope my business is a success. If is is a success, I know I am helping others who have suffered, as I have suffered, and want to take their lives back. Bless you all and I wish you a long an healthy life.

Try out my favorite juicing recipe. You will be pleasantly surprised how tasty the juice is. Try it. The juice is chocked full of vitamins and will give you quite a boost. I take out the apples/pear, add tomatoes to the concoction to use as a vegetable juice for chili.

4- carrots 2-celery stalks 1-cucumber 1-small red beet (peeled) 1-handful baby spinach 1/2-small sweet potato (peeled) 2-Fuji apples 1-Bartlett pear (optional) 1.5 “ piece of ginger (peeled)

Wash the fruit and vegetables. Peel and cut beet in half. Peel and quarter sweet potato. Cut ends off carrots and celery. Juice. ENJOY!

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