Replacement filter package for Jett Water Systems Model JWS-500-6SB 500 GPD Tankless Reverse Osmosis System. The package also includes REJUV H2 reconditioning formulation. RO water is acidic and oxidizez the elemental magnesium over time, reducing hydrogen production. Periodic conditioning of the REJUV H2 filters will ensure consistent peak performance of REJUV H2 over the lifespan of the filters (12-24 months).

Complete Filter Replacement Package for 500 GPD Tankless RO System

SKU: 2028
RO Membrane
  • The replacement filter package for Model JWS-500-6SB includes,

    • 2-REJUV H2 2.5" x 10" filter cartridges (replace every 1-2 years, dependent on use) - P/N JWS-2030-REJUVH2
    • 2-UltraPure IEX 2.5" and 10" filter cartridges. (replace every 6-12 months) - P/N JWS-2032-IEX
    • 2-KX Matrikx CTO with GreenBlock 2.5" x 9.75" 5 micron coconut carbon block filters. (replace every 6-12 months) - P/N 32-250-10-GREEN
    • 1-Pentek P-5 Spun Polypropylene 2.5" x 9.875" 5 micron sediment filters. (Replace every 6-12 months) - P/N 155014-43
    • 1-Axeon 500 GPD Thin Film Composite RO membrane (P/N TF-3012-500)  or 1-Filmtec 500 GPD Thin Film Composite RO membrane (P/N TW30-3012-500) or No membrane. Select option at checkout. (Replace every 2-3 years.)
    • 1- Omnipure 2" x 10" Granulated Activated Carbon Filter 3/8" push to connect fittings (Replace every 12 months.)  - P/N K2533-KK
    • 8 vials of REJUV H2 conditioning formulation. Simply add 1 vial of formulation to each REJUV H2 filter housing, allow to stand for 5 minutes, and flush. That's it! We recommend reconditioning every 3 months.