Dual cartridge mixed bed ion exchange system for use with saltwater and reef aquarium RO units. The system is ideal for situations where ultrapure water is required or fewer filter cartridge changes are desired.  The system is designed for flexibility, as well as durability, and is configurable to operate in dual or single cartridge mode.

Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Package for RO Systems

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TDS Monitor
  • Dual cartridge mixed bed ion exchange system for applications where ultra pure water is required.

    • Dual 10" slimline filter housings mounted to a powder coated steel two housing bracket. 
    • Ultrapure Water Grade Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin cartridges.
    • John Guest Fittings for years of leak free performance.
    • John Guest block valves installed at the inlet to each housing to permit operation as a parallel dual cartridge unit or as a single cartridge unit.
    • Cartridge replacement without shutting down your RO unit.
    • Optional dual channel commercial grade TDS meter is available to monitor water quality before and after the unit.
    • 10' of 1/4" food grade LLDPE tubing supplied with unit.
    • Filter wrench and easy to understand instructions included.