Jett Water Systems Refrigerator Icemaker Kit. Installs in minutes to any cold water line. Just $14.95.


Connects directly to your cold water supply without the need for self piercing valves. Swivel connector eliminates kinks and water leaks at the refrigerator. Refrigerator can be pushed all the way back to wall without crimping the the tubing.

Refrigerator Icemaker Water Line Installation Kit

  • Refrigerator Icemaker Kit for reverse osmosis systems. Available for 1/4" The kit installs in minutes without the need for tools.  The kit comes standard with the following,

    • CPB 3/8" male NPT x 3/8" female NPT x 1/4" Angle Stop Valve with SpeedFit twist to connect fitting
    • Premium Murlok 1/4" icemaker compression adaptor with swivel joint.
    • 20' of food grade 1/4" Mur-Lok or John Guest LLDPE tubing (white)
    • Installation instructions are included.