Jett Water Systems 6 Stage 75 GPD RO system/alkaline hydrogen water generator for $199.95! 


75 GPD 6 Stage RO/On-Demand Hydrogen Water Generator with REJUV H2

Permeate Pump
  • The unit was designed, and extensively tested, to provide mineral rich hydrogen drinking water at moderate pH.

    The heart of the system is our propriety REJUV H2 in-line filter. REJUV H2 water has a wonderfully, refreshing taste while offering significant potential health benefits.

    • Mineral rich: Derived from EcoSafe Certified Fossilized Sea Coral
    • Molecular Hydrogen: 0.7-1.2 ppm
    • Antioxidant: ORP -500 to -600 mV
    • Moderately alkaline: pH 8.5-9.5
    • Standard features with our package are offered as options by other manufacturers, at addition cost.
    • 75 gallon per day high quality TDC reverse osmosis membrane. Filmtec BW60-1812-75 membrane is available for a small upcharge)
    • (Optional) Aquatec ERP-500 permeate pump. Addition of a permeate pump improves membrane performance, increases system pressure, and decreases brine water to drain by up to 80%. A permeate pump uses no electricity but only the hydraulic pressure from brine flowing to drain, to pump permeate to the storage tank. Automatic shutoff valves, shut off supply water flow when the system pressure is 65% of line pressure. A permeate pump will continue to operate until system pressure is approximately equal to line pressure, significantly increasing overall system pressure and water delivery to the faucet. A permeate pump is a must for homes with water pressure below 45 psi.
    • High quality TDC food grade polypropylene fittings for leak free operation
    • Mur-Lok food grade LLDPE tubing.
    • "HI FLO" kit, delivering 225% more water flow to the faucet than standard RO systems.
    • Premium contemporary faucet with John Guest faucet fitting.
    • 4.4 gallon PAE powder coated steel RO storage tank with stainless steel fitting and 3/8" tube x 1/4" female NPT tank shut off valve. 
    • 6 Stages of Purification!
    • Stage 1- 5 micron spun polypropylene depth filter for removal of dirt, particulates, and rust.
    • Stage 2 - 5 micron activated coconut carbon block filter for removal of chlorine, tastes, and odors.
    • Stage 3 - A second filtration through a 5 micron activated coconut carbon block filter for removal of chlorine, tastes, and odors. If your source water contains chloramines we recommend the purchase of KX Matrix 1 micron Choraguard filter, at check out.
    • Stage 4 -0.001 TDC thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane filtration for removal of 97%+ of all dissolved impurities (salts, bacteria, cysts, mold, viruses, radionuclides, silica, arsenic, lead, flouride, and much more).
    • Stage 5 - REJUV H2 filtration. REJUV H2 is a propriety remineralization filter containing a formulated blend featuring EcoSafe Certified Fossilized Sea Coral and 99.9%+ pure elemental magnesium. Sea Coral contains 24% Calcium, 12% magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals. Our propriety blend accelerates dissolution of the formulation, resulting in a wonderfully refreshing tasting water, with just the right level of healthy minerals, a moderately alkaline pH (8.5-9.5), and 0.7-1.2 ppm of  molecular hydrogen. 
    • Stage 6 - 1 micron Omnipure polishing filter composed of high quality coconut shell carbon. The filter delivers a clear, crisp taste to the water upon delivery to the faucet.
    • Also included in the system package are,
    • Twist Loc 3/8" female NPT x 3/8" male NPT x 1/4" push to connect angle stop supply water valve
    • Drain saddle with 1/4" push to connect fitting for brine water
    • Combo filter wrench for 10" filter housings and RO membrane housing cap
    • 10' each of 1/4" Mur-Lok LLDPE food grade tubing (Red, Black)
    • 6' each of 3/8" Mur-Lok LLDPE food grad tubing (Blue, Yellow)
    • Sani-System RO Sanitizer (0.25 mL packet)
    • Easy to follow Installation/Operation/Maintenance/Sanitizing instruction manual.

    Warranty: This system is warranted against defects in workmanship or component failure for a period of 2 years. Simply return the defective component and we will replace at no cost to you.

    Return: If you are unsatisfied with our product, return within 45 days of date of purchase.