REJUV H2 conditioner to maintain hydrogen production at peak levels. Suitable for use with REJUV H2 inline or cartridge filters. The 4 tube kit contains sufficient tubes to condition 1 REJUV H2 filter for 12 months. The 8 tube kit is for tankless RO systems and contains sufficient tube to condition 2 REJUV H2 filters for 12 months.

Note: If you have a REJUV H2 inline filter and have not purchased the application syringe, purchase the REJUV H2 conditioning kit for inline filters.

REJUV H2 Conditioner Tubes (4 or 8 pack)

RO System Type
  • Recondition your REJUV H2 filter every 3-6 months, using our REJUV H2 conditioning kit, to maintain hydrogen production at peak levels. Each tube of conditioner is premeasured for ease of use. Filter conditioning is completed in less than 1 minute.

    The conditioning kit contains,

    • 4- 100 mL screw cap medical grade tubes containing premeasured conditioner. (12 month supply)

    Directions for use,

    1. Fill 1 conditioner tube with distilled or RO water to the 50 mL mark. The conditioner may foam as the components dissolve.
    2. Close the RO water supply valve and RO storage tank valve.
    3. Open the faucet to drain water from the RO tubing and relieve pressure. Close the faucet.
    4. Loosen the cartridge filter housing and CAREFULLY remove (full of water).
    5. Pour the contents of 1 condition tube into the filter housing containing the RO water. Reinstall the filter housing and tighten securely, using a filter housing wrench..
    6. Open the RO water supply valve and allow the RO to pass water through the REJUV H2 filter and exit the faucet for approximately 5 minutes. The flow may be very slow, depending on the water production rate of your RO system. 
    7. Close the faucet and open the RO storage tank valve. Slowly open the faucet approximately 25% and allow a slow but steady flow of water to exit the faucet until the water is clear/colorless. There may be gas bubble in the water, giving the appearance of cloudiness. Collect water in a clear glass and allow to stand for 10-15 seconds. If gas bubble are present the water will clear. If the filter requires additional flushing, the water will remain hazy. Once the water is clear/colorless, the water is ready to use.
    8. Repeat the conditioning procedure approximately every 3 months.
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