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USA Manufactured Water Fittings

Mur-Lok brand fittings, Manufactured by G. A. Murdock located in South Dakota, are not as well known as John Guest but every bit the quality. Manufactured from virgin food grade polypropylene by injection molding, Mur-Lok is the only manufacturer in the world, other than John Guest, offering dual o-ring seals. What this means is the fittings can operate at sustained higher operating pressure without leaking. The o-ring seals do not deteriorate over time and tubing can be pulled at a 45 degree angle from the fitting with no leaks. Quality is apparent in the look, feel, and weight of the fitting, when compared to low cost Chinese fittings.

Mur-Lok brand offers a full range of push to connect fittings with tube size 5/16”to 1/2” OD and thread size 1/8” to 9/16”. NPT and BSPP threads available. For those of you employing TDS monitors on your RO system, Mur-Lok 1/4” union tees are superior to anything on the market.

If you are interested in a superior quality fitting, manufactured in the USA, at a very competitive cost, Mur-Lok is your brand. Check out our full line of Mur-Lok fittings at JettWaterSystems

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